Maryland Lawyer To Stop Foreclosure

Maryland Foreclosure Defense Attorney Jason Ostendorf

If you are entitled to a loan modification, or if the mortgage servicer violated the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) or other consumer protection statutes, then you need a Maryland lawyer to stop foreclosure. Many lawyers claim to understand how to save homes. Our firm has a history of success. Jason Ostendorf is one of the few Maryland lawyers with the experience to save your home.

How Can We Save Your Home?

If you are contractually entitled to a loan modification, or if the servicer is engaging in dual tracking (scheduling a foreclosure sale while your loan modification application is still under review), then we can use these facts as a defense to stop foreclosure, and also as an offense in a civil suit for a jury award. Most banks do not want to deal with a lawsuit because they will spend more money on their expensive federal attorneys than they would receive from the proceeds of a foreclosure auction. Moreover, banks know that if they lose, they will have to pay you whatever the jury awards, in addition to reimbursing you for your attorney's fees if you prevail under a consumer protection statute. In a nutshell, we create the leverage you need to negotiate a loan workout that saves your home.

Why Choose Us?

If you have spoken to other attorneys already, then you have probably been advised to declare bankruptcy and hope for the best. Attorneys who offer this advise simply have no real plan to help you. Our strategy is to aggressively lean on the bank until they give in - and, if they are too stubborn to settle, then we will seek a jury award and reimbursement of legal fees so that you come out ahead while the bank loses money in pursuit of your home. Our experience is that most banks eventually give in if you have valid claims because they are not in the business to lose money. Lawyers who only advise you to declare bankruptcy simply do not understand any of this, and really should not be calling themselves foreclosure defense attorneys.

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