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Child Custody Attorney

Protecting access to your child is too important to risk trying to navigate the complex waters of such a family law dispute without the assistance of an experienced Maryland child custody lawyer. Many people believe they can simply go to court, disparage the other parent, and win the day. The harsh reality is that the judge will equally distrust both parties, and his ultimate decision could turn on any detail he believes is related, even if tangentially, to the best interest of the child. Only experienced child custody lawyers know how to present a client's position in such a way that all bases are covered.

Baltimore County Family Lawyer

Jason Ostendorf is an experienced Maryland child custody lawyer. Mr. Ostendorf has the skill to spot issues related to the best interest of the child that would go unnoticed by other attorneys. He knows how to paint a picture for the court that emphasizes your strengths as a parent, and that also sheds light on the other party's shortcomings that do nothing to promote the child's health, safety and well-being. If the other side does not agree to a settlement that you find acceptable, our firm will go to war for you.

What Separates The Law Office Of Jason Ostendorf From Other Firms?

We are relentless. At the same time, we are smart. The other side will probably not enjoy dealing with us, but the court will respect our professionalism. The combination of aggression with seeing the bigger picture is what separates us from other family law attorneys.

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Feel free to call us so our firm can examine your case in detail. We will talk to you for free by telephone to determine whether you have a strong case. If you want to skip the preliminary screening and meet with us immediately, feel free to use our online scheduling system to quickly set up an in-person meeting on an urgent basis. Call us at 410.891.5624, or schedule online to reserve our earliest availability.