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Modification of Child Custody and Visitation in Maryland

Once the court makes a child custody and visitation determination, the arrangement is very difficult to modify. Under Maryland law, a parent who wishes to modify a court order regarding custody and visitation must meet the heavy burden of proving that there has been a material change in circumstances. The inquiry does not end there. If the court agrees there …
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Step out of financial mess by taking effective steps

The New Year is a great time to start afresh economically if you have been through any financial struggle in the previous year. The most common unlucky financial phases are bankruptcy, divorce or foreclosure. Big personal debts can also be a major reason to put your foot down and take steps to bounce bank to a healthy financial life. Lost …
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How a Lawyer Can Help with a High-Asset Divorce

The average divorce is rarely pleasant. Money issues, property rights, title to vehicles and other matters can easily cause tempers to flare. The confrontation and hostility are often multiplied in high-asset divorce cases, where businesses, multiple real estate properties, stocks and other securities, pensions and retirement accounts are involved. It is no secret that spouses often try to hide their …
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Grandparent’s Rights to Visitation in Maryland

Grandparents may have a right to visitation with their grandchildren in Maryland under certain circumstances. The governing Maryland case on this issue is Koshko v. Haining, 398 Md. 404 (2007). The rule of law articulated in Koshko provides that, in order for a Maryland court to issue an order providing for visitation by a grandparent, the grandparent must satisfy a …
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Non profit debt consolidation: Can it help to lower your monthly payment?

A debt consolidation company is only eligible to use a non profit debt consolidation status if it receives the “non profit” status from the IRS. These companies help consumers negotiate with their creditors. Here is information on one such non profit debt consolidation program. A non profit debt consolidation organization can guide you to consolidate your debts. The organizations often …
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A Sign of Integrity from the Supreme Court?

Last week, the Supreme Court issued its decision upholding President Obama’s Health Care Law (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). The opinion was authored by none other than Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. Given that Justice Roberts is politically conservative, the opinion is a sign of hope. Most Americans have come to believe, perhaps rightfully so, that the …
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Inadequate Drug Safety Testing—Children Injured by Medication

Please visit the official website for the Food and Drug Administration for more information on this issue. Special thanks to the personal injury lawyers of Price Benowitz LLP for their insights and contribution to this post. Some of the medical profession’s most vulnerable patients are young children, particularly newborns. Often treated in the neonatal ICU, hospitalized newborns are incredibly susceptible …
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Car Insurance Terms Glossary

Automobile insurance policies are comprised of various coverage types that are applicable to the policyholder’s situation. This “cafeteria style” approach allows the driver to tailor the auto insurance to provide the correct combination of coverage without unnecessary insurance. Common insurance terms can be confusing for people who are unaccustomed to the language used inside the auto insurance industry. – Liability …
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