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Evolving Definition of Family and Its Constitutional Implications: How LGBTQ Rights Have Shaped Family Law

The concept of family has evolved significantly over time, driven in part by societal changes and advancements in LGBTQ+ rights. The legal landscape surrounding family law has also shifted, with constitutional principles and landmark Supreme Court decisions playing a crucial role in shaping our understanding of what constitutes a family. In this article, we will explore the evolution of the …
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Intersection of Family Law and Constitutional Rights: How Privacy Protections Impact Divorce and Child Custody Cases

Family law cases, such as divorce and child custody, often involve sensitive personal information and emotionally charged issues. As such, the constitutional right to privacy plays a significant role in shaping the legal landscape surrounding these matters. In this article, we will explore how privacy protections intersect with family law cases, specifically focusing on divorce and child custody, and examine …
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How Domestic Violence Affects Maryland Child Custody Decisions

Under Maryland law, the safety and well-being of the child are the primary considerations in any custody determination. This includes protecting the child from exposure to domestic violence. Domestic violence is defined under Maryland law as any act of abuse committed against a current or former spouse, a cohabitant, or a person with whom the abuser has had a child. …
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How To File A Lawsuit For Wrongful Denial Of Life Insurance Benefits

Standing up to a big life insurance company is a daunting task. It seems simple enough – your family member or loved one had a life insurance policy, they died, the insurance company refuses to pay the benefits, so a court should hold them liable for breach of contract. But, litigating even the most basic of claims is rarely straightforward …
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Intended Beneficiaries Versus Incidental Beneficiaries: Who Has Standing To File A Life Insurance Dispute?

Before filing a lawsuit to litigate a life insurance dispute, it is a good idea to know whether you have standing to bring the action in the first place. This article examines the difference between intended beneficiaries and incidental beneficiaries. This is important because only an intended beneficiary may sue a life insurance company for failing to pay benefits under …
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USAA Settles Life Insurance Policy Overcharge Class Action

Life insurance claims usually arise from allegations that a claim was wrongfully denied. But, USAA recently settled a class-action lawsuit alleging that it overcharged its customers. The case was filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, and is captioned Spegele v. USAA Life Insurance Company, No. 5:17-cv-00967. Breach of Contract: Unfair Charges On September …
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Did the Rittenhouse Jury Get It Right?

We live in a divided country. Everything is political. It seems that no one can agree on anything, and every disagreement is evidence of racism or some other form of hate. It is almost as if there are two football teams, and half the country supports one and the other half supports the other, mindlessly, as if they were indoctrinated …
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Do You Have a Constitutional Right to View Your Elected Officials’ Facebook Pages?

On June 24, 2021, the owners of a small business in Lebanon, Ohio filed a lawsuit against the city’s mayor, alleging she violated their constitutional right to free speech by blocking them from her personal Facebook page. According to the Complaint, Mayor Amy Brewer used the Facebook page for “official communications” and thus the page was “inextricably linked to the …
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Hunt Valley Law Office Grand Opening: Divorce | Child Custody | Consumer Protection | Alimony | Appeals

We are excited to announce the grand opening of our new law office location in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Located right by York Road in northern Baltimore County, the new office is located at: Law Office of Jason Ostendorf LLC201 International CircleSuite 230Hunt Valley, MD 21030Tel. 410.891.5624 “This move is a great expansion for us,” stated Jason Ostendorf, the firm’s owner. …
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