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Do You Have a Constitutional Right to View Your Elected Officials’ Facebook Pages?

On June 24, 2021, the owners of a small business in Lebanon, Ohio filed a lawsuit against the city’s mayor, alleging she violated their constitutional right to free speech by blocking them from her personal Facebook page. According to the Complaint, Mayor Amy Brewer used the Facebook page for “official communications” and thus the page was “inextricably linked to the …
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Hunt Valley Law Office Grand Opening: Divorce | Child Custody | Consumer Protection | Alimony | Appeals

We are excited to announce the grand opening of our new law office location in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Located right by York Road in northern Baltimore County, the new office is located at: Law Office of Jason Ostendorf LLC201 International CircleSuite 230Hunt Valley, MD 21030Tel. 410.891.5624 “This move is a great expansion for us,” stated Jason Ostendorf, the firm’s owner. …
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SOWTECH Espresso Machines Recalled Due to Burn Hazard

Be careful if you enjoy a morning espresso in the comfort of your home. LoHi Tech issued a recall of its SOWTECH Espresso Machines with Glass Carafes. If you purchased these machines with model number CM6811, you should stop using the product immediately, and contact the company for a carafe replacement. What Happened? What Should I Do? Will I Get …
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Defective Bear Spray Recall: Consumer Great Outdoors Nightmare

Imagine you are hiking deep in the wilderness. As you are breathing in fresh mountain air, and taking in the beauty around you, you step on a twig that snaps loudly. You then hear the unmistakable sound of a bear roar, and see bushes start to rustle 50 feet in front you. Out of the clearing comes charging an angry …
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Can You Get Out of Jury Duty if You Aren’t Vaccinated?

As courts reopen amid the Covid-19 vaccine rollout and falling case fatality rates, they are now wrestling with the question of whether to require jurors to get the vaccine in order to be eligible for jury duty. So far, at least one court has mandated juror vaccination. At Least One Court Has Required Juror Vaccination On June 14, 2021, Judge …
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Ten Tips to Prepare for Your Deposition

A deposition is taken with a court reporter to transcribe testimony prior to trial. This is a normal part of most family law, personal injury, and other civil cases, so there is no need to be alarmed when your attorney tells you that the other side wishes to take your deposition. You will be under oath and required to tell …
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When Does the Court Award Indefinite Alimony?

A question that our family law clients often ask is whether the court is likely to award them (or their spouse) indefinite alimony. At least in Maryland, courts aim to limit the duration of alimony. The general approach is to only award spousal support for the amount of time that the court deems necessary for the party to attend school …
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What Constitutes Illegal Interference with Child Custody and Visitation?

It is unfortunate for both the parent and the child when the other parent engages in illegal interference with child custody and visitation. Many parents in this situation wonder what they can do. As outlined below, there are two main ways to deal with this type of child abduction. Maryland recognizes a tort action for damages if the interference is …
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Not Everything You Say To Your Spouse Is Confidential

One of the strongest and most well-known privileges is the confidential marital communications privilege, also known as the husband-wife privilege or spousal privilege. Generally, one spouse cannot be compelled to testify about any confidential communication with the other spouse occurring during their marriage. However, there are exceptions. Confidential Marital Communications Privilege There are actually two privileges shared by spouses in …
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