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A Sign of Integrity from the Supreme Court?

Last week, the Supreme Court issued its decision upholding President Obama’s Health Care Law (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). The opinion was authored by none other than Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. Given that Justice Roberts is politically conservative, the opinion is a sign of hope. Most Americans have come to believe, perhaps rightfully so, that the …
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Inadequate Drug Safety Testing—Children Injured by Medication

Please visit the official website for the Food and Drug Administration for more information on this issue. Special thanks to the personal injury lawyers of Price Benowitz LLP for their insights and contribution to this post. Some of the medical profession’s most vulnerable patients are young children, particularly newborns. Often treated in the neonatal ICU, hospitalized newborns are incredibly susceptible …
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Tips On How To Choose The Right Lawyer

There are several lawyers whom you are able to hire based on the nature of the case for which you are seeking legal assistance. However, one thing that you have to bear in mind when looking for the right lawyer is that not all attorneys who claim to be effective in handling those cases are able to offer you the …
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Consumer Rights Pertaining to Product Liabilities

Not all products being manufactured today are safe and there are laws that protect consumers against injuries caused by defective products. Injuries caused by product defects fall under a specific category of law, which is referred to as product liability law. Although products with defects should never enter the open market, human error does occur which allows a certain amount …
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What Happens to Your Tweets When You Die?

Twitter has become such a popular social site that it’s not uncommon that 200 million tweets are posted each day, and last year it rose from 65 million per day. That’s a lot of people tweeting their interests, world events and daily activities. Twitter continues to grow in popularity. Twitter even saw a ‘digital death’ when celebrities (who are still …
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Disputing Unfair Landlord Charges

A good landlord is a blessing, but a bad one can really cause you financial damage and a lower quality of life. Landlords have used ambiguous leases and a lack of knowledge of tenant rights to extort a lot of money from their tenants for repairs. They may even threaten to report you to collections if you don’t pay up, …
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5 important Tips for Protecting Your Identity

Unfortunately, more than half a million of people become victims of identity theft every year. In the age of computers, cell phones, ATMs, etc. we do most of the things on our computer: our banking, chatting, skyping, paying bills, even cyber relationships with our friends and loved ones. We share a lot of information with various online sources that we …
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Maryland Divorce Lawyers Battle Over Same Sex Divorce

Maryland Appeals Court Okays Same Sex Divorce A new story recently emerged in the heated debate over gay marriage. Last week, Maryland’s highest court held that courts in that state must apply divorce laws equally, and grant a divorce, for gay marriages that were legally formed in another state. Jessica Port and Virginia Cowan were legally married in California in …
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How To Lower Your Interest Rate Under HARP

Although the country is showing signs of recovery from the economic crisis of 2008, many Americans are still feeling its effects. One wide-spread problem concerns the large number of “underwater homes”, or homes as to which the homeowner owes more on the mortgage than the property is worth. Tragically, many of these homeowners have had their financial worlds turned upside-down, …
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